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The “Require Interviewer Login” feature can be enabled from within the Edit > Preferences menu for pre-Illume Next versions, and from the Survey > Security menu in Illume Next.


This is a valuable feature for study monitoring as it allows for recording the responsible user for the entry of data into CRFs. When enabled, this feature creates an Interviewer Login and Password field on the login page of the survey after the participant authentication field(s).  Interviewers must enter a valid login and password which is authenticated against the Users defined in the Enterprise Manager. Interviewers must enter a valid combination of login and password (authenticated against the users defined in the Enterprise Manager) to enter the survey. Upon login, the Interviewer’s credentials are stored within the data set as “DATSTAT.INTERVIEWER”.

Users do not have control over the text used in the Interviewer Login box, such as the title “Interviewer Login”, nor the terms “Username” and “Password”.


If a form is started by one interviewer, yet resumed by another interviewer, the submitted data set will reflect the original interviewer, not the second interviewer.