What’s New In Illume 6.0

Illume 6.0 brought several updates to the DatStat survey-based data collection and study automation platform which enhanced its security and usability, including: required logins, temporary passwords, easier access to survey manager, and background task handling.

1.Survey Manager Download

Instead of accessing the installer for the latest version of the Illume Survey Manager desktop client from the support portal, users may download the client directly through the web interface by  logging in to the DatStat Gateway and clicking the new link – “Survey Manager”.


When clicked, the latest version of the survey manager is updated upon launch, ensuring the DatStat Illume Survey Manager is always up-to-date.

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2.Require Interviewer Login

The “Require Interviewer Login” feature can be enabled from within the Edit > Preferences menu for pre-Illume Next versions, and from the Survey > Security menu in Illume Next.


This is a valuable feature for study monitoring as it allows for recording the responsible user for the entry of data into CRFs. When enabled, this feature creates an Interviewer Login and Password field on the login page of the survey after the participant authentication field(s).  Interviewers must enter a valid login and password which is authenticated against the Users defined in the Enterprise Manager. Interviewers must enter a valid combination of login and password (authenticated against the users defined in the Enterprise Manager) to enter the survey. Upon login, the Interviewer’s credentials are stored within the data set as “DATSTAT.INTERVIEWER”.

Users do not have control over the text used in the Interviewer Login box, such as the title “Interviewer Login”, nor the terms “Username” and “Password”.


If a form is started by one interviewer, yet resumed by another interviewer, the submitted data set will reflect the original interviewer, not the second interviewer.

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3.Temporary Passwords

When entering the password for a user during user creation, the password entered for the user will always be a Temporary Password that must be reset on first login by the user.


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4.Username and Password Not Saved by Browser

Username and password are not offered to be saved by the browser on the login screen.

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5.Account Auto Lockout Period

The Account Auto Lockout Period feature allows configuration of an amount of time, after which an inactive user’s account will be locked, requiring a user with the administrator role to unlock the account. Users with administrator privileges may turn on this feature in the Enterprise Manager under Application Settings > Security > Account > Lockout Settings.


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6.Last Login Visibility

The Username and the user’s last login date and time are visible in the upper right-hand corner of every screen. This time stamp is viewable from all applications within the web interface, as well as in the desktop survey manager. ­­­­­

last login

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7.LDAP Username and Password

LDAP username and password have been added as application settings to support authenticated LDAP connections.  This information can be added in the Enterprise Manager by a user with the Administrator role under DatStat Server > Application Settings > Security.


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8.Date Display

All dates are now displayed in an unambiguous format, including a 3-letter month.

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9.Background Task Handling

The Background Task Handling feature gives a user the ability to initiate Data Import in the Data Manager and have the action process in the background, rather than waiting for a processing screen to reach completion.   Users can monitor the progress of the actions and their status by clicking on the Task Indicator in the bottom right corner of the web interface:

background task

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