Turning on Responsive Design

To use responsive design in an Illume Survey:

  1. Create a new, or open an existing, survey
  1. Go to the Tools menu and select Change Render Style
  1. There are two options: Classic and Responsive.
  1. Select Responsive.


Things to Consider

There are two main considerations when determining whether a survey built in a prior version of Illume should be altered to allow for Responsive design:

  1. Any styles implemented via the Edit/Style editor from the prior version will be lost. These styles will need to be re-implemented in the Style editor.
  1. Custom JavaScript implemented in the survey to facilitate custom validations or other custom solutions will not be functional in Responsive Design surveys. Prior versions of Illume utilized JavaScript and the Prototype.js library.  Illume Next, in contrast, utilizes the Angular framework and JQuery.  Given this, surveys with high utilization of custom JavaScript should remain in Classic mode.  If changed to Responsive, the custom coding will need to be rebuilt using JQuery.
  1. Multicontrol questions and question types are not supported in Responsive design surveys. Questions of these types should be reprogrammed as standard questions prior to switching to responsive mode.