Summary Tab

summary results

Shows you the collected data in summary format.  For each variable you will see counts, percentages, and descriptive statistics. The descriptive statistics is the deepest level of statistical analysis provided by Illume – for inferential statistics, you must download into an analysis package such as SPSS.

Any variables with a blue graph icon means you can click on the icon to produce a graph.  You can alter various aspects of a graph, such as changing the chart type or color scheme.  Once you make a change, you must click Redraw to see the changes.

view chart

The chart is a fixed image that can be dragged and dropped into external applications such as PowerPoint, Word or Excel.  It is not an interactive chart – it is an image file.

Bar Graphs Tab

bar graphs

Visual representation of what is on the summary page.  It does not provide any new information than what is on the summary page.  The colors of the bars have no meaning – they are just used to distinguish each bar from the other.

Raw Data Tab

rawdata tab

The raw data view displays one row of data for each participant, with each column being each of the variables you selected in your query.  You can sort by any variable by clicking on the column header.  A limited number of results will be shown per page  – you can select the results per page drop down to show more results per page.

By clicking on the row number in this grid you can view the results for a single participant.  The resulting display will show you, organized by collection, each question and the participant’s response to that question.