Collect Survey Data

With the survey built and the participants added, you are now ready to begin collecting data. This first step to doing this is administering the survey to participants via email communication. Follow the steps in this guide to set up an “email job” within the Illume Enterprise Manager.

1.Email Your Survey

This section will show you how to create an Email Job

  1. Log in to the DatStat Gateway page
  1. Navigate to the Enterprise Manager
  1. In the left pane expand Projects, and expand System, until you find the project folder into which you published your survey.
  1. Click ‘Email Jobs’ in the left-hand menu.
    click email jobs
  1. From the Take Action menu , click Add Email Job.
    Add email job
  1. Start on the Settings Tab by giving the Email Job a name. We recommend creating a consistent naming convention that is descriptive in nature, we are going to use SampleSurvey Invitation Email.
  1. Select your survey from the Survey drop down.
  1. Select your Participant List from the Participant List drop down (even if there is only one list, you must select it).
  1. Under Send Email To, select Participants who have not started the survey. The other options are more appropriate for email reminders and thank you’s.
    define job
  1. For Job Scheduling, leave the default Batch Size, which indicates the throughput of emails through the email server.
  1. Manual start indicates that you want to control when the emails start being sent, by enabling the email to send at a day and time of your choice. This is contrast to Start on a Specific Date, wherein you can pick a future date and time the emails will automatically be sent.
  1. Leave the default of Manual Stop – here stop refers to stopping the emails from going out. If you leave the default here, it just means that the email job should send emails to everyone on the list, rather than stopping prior to sending to everyone on the list.
  1. Click over to the Message tab.
    message tab
  1. Enter a From Display Name – this is friendly text identifying your organization or project, and appears before the From Address when the respondent receives the message. For highest delivery rates, do not use a generic email that starts with: demo@, info@, etc. Instead, use a actual person’s email address.
  1. Enter a Reply To address – this is the address to which emails will be sent if the respondent hits “reply” in their email client.
  1. The “To” of the email is assumed to be all of the participants on your list, so no need to specify it separately.
  1. Enter a Subject for your invitation.
    TIP:Start your subject with the most important and compelling information in the beginning. Keep it less than 45 characters, or you run the risk of people not seeing the entire subject line. Also, avoid special characters.
  1. The final step is to enter your message in the HTML body editor. Type your text in the HTML Body Editor, using the available icons to do things like bold, underline, create bulleted lists, etc.
  1. To insert the unique survey link, simply pop open the Survey Link drop down, and select Normal Window.body editor no link
  1. Selecting Normal Window will insert {SurveyURL:ENTER LINK TEXT} into your email message. The SurveyURL tag tells Illume to create a unique link for each respondent, that appends their unique DATSTAT_ALTPID value to the end of their URL. The respondent will not see the full URL, rather the respondent will see whatever you enter in place of “ENTER LINK TEXT”. Highlight that text and replace with something like “CLICK HERE”. CLICK HERE will become an active hyperlink to the survey.
    body editor with link
  1. We recommend that you can send yourself a test message by putting your email address into the Send Test Message field.
  1. Click Save.
  1. Now that the email is set up, the email job can be started by enabling it (if the dot is red, the email job is disabled; if the dot is green, the email job is enabled).
    enable job
  1. Participants from the participant list with a valid DATSTAT_EMAIL address will be emailed the invitation email to take the survey. It will look something like this:
    received image
  1. The last step is to take the survey. Click on the link in the emails you received, navigate through the survey as a respondent would, and click Submit at the end!

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Next Steps

Now that your participant data is collected and stored, we’re sure you’d love to view your data.