Publishing the Survey

Publishing a survey involves taking the survey from your local desktop and moving it on to the server where it can actively collect data.  Users can simply check in the survey, which places a copy onto the server, or users can choose to publish the survey during that process, which also makes it available on the web.  We are going to check in and publish our survey all at once.

  1. Go to the ‘Survey Administration’ tab (assuming it has been checked in), right-click the survey and select ‘Check in
  1. The Check-In Survey dialogue will open. Select the option Check-in, approve and publish.
    publishing a survey 1
  1. Start a new time period by entering a name for the time period – you can enter anything here, such as “Spring launch” or “Live”.
  1. You will need to select the Project into which you are publishing your survey. You may have access to one project or multiple projects.  Projects are a way to organize surveys, participant lists, email jobs, and studies, and control which users have access to those objects.  Select a project, and remember which Project you selected.
  1. Enter a Survey Description
  1. Enter Comments (optional)
  1. Click ‘OK
    publishing a survey 2
    The survey is now published and should show as running on the Survey Administration tab.  You can now actively collect data.
    publishing a survey 3
  1. You can find the URL of your live survey by right-clicking the survey on the Survey Administration tab and selecting View Published Survey. That will take you directly to the URL of the survey.
    publishing a survey 4