Defining Response Guides

We want to be sure that participants tell us how old they are, and that they give a valid response.


Let’s click the Response Guides tab of the Question Editor to set up some rules to describe what constitutes an acceptable response to our question.



  1. Make this item required by clicking “Always use the following setting for this item:” and checking the ‘Required’ option.
  1. Assuming that anyone taking our survey is at least 1 years old, and at most 100 years old, in the Numeric/Date/Time Bounds, we’ll set the Lower Bound for this question to >=1 and the Upper Bound to <=100.
  1. Now let’s set an error message for this question: “Please enter a number between 1 and 100“. The error message appears whenever a participant provides an answer that does not meet the criteria we have just defined. The error message also appears when a participant tries to submit a page of the survey without answering a required question. This error only applies to this specific question.