Creating a New Survey

To get started creating a new survey, open DatStat Illume Survey Manager by either double clicking the icon on your desktop, or going to your start menu. Once llume Survey Manager is open, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Survey > New
    6.5 - Step 1 - Design Survey 1
  1. Select the Survey Template in which you’d like to build your survey. Survey templates in Illume Next determine how your survey will render in a participant’s browser.
  • Default Templates will render the same across all devices.
  • Responsive Template will render responsively according to the size of the device/screen (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile; this tutorial is using the Responsive Template).

If the default template is chosen, the rending style can be altered to responsive from within the survey designer, thus users requiring responsive design are not required to use the responsive template.

6.5 - Step 1 - Design Survey 2

  1. You need to create a name for your survey. There are some rules regarding the format of survey names:
    • They must begin with a letter, and can contain only letters, numbers, and following characters:
      ( ) _ ‘
    • They must be at least 5 and no more than 64 characters long.

 Once you have chosen your survey’s name, click Create survey.

  1. As seen in the image below, Illume Survey Designer resembles Windows Explorer, with a tree or organizational view on the left, and a building environment on the right. Every Illume survey contains a built in collection called “LOGIN”, which is utilized to collect the unique identifier(s) associated to the participants. For now you can ignore this icon, as you will start by focusing not on authentication but on building survey questions.

6.5 - Step 1 - Design Survey 3