Authenticating the Survey

An authenticated survey is one in which there is a known list of respondents who will be taking the survey, with each respondent having a unique identifier. Each respondent can take the survey once and only once with that identifier. Surveys can also be unauthenticated, in which case any person can take the survey without entering any credentials.  Let’s make the survey authenticated.


  1. Click on the ‘LOGIN’ collection in the left-hand navigation pane.
  1. Click the Add Question icon to create a new question which will reside in the login collection.  This question will be our authentication field.
  1. Change the Display Type to ‘Text Field’.
  1. Type ‘Please enter your ID’ for the Prompt. When creating an authenticated survey you can choose whether respondents will see the login question or not.  For surveys delivered via an email link, the respondent will never actually see the login question – Illume will enter the authentication credentials automatically just from clicking on the URL, as the URL in the received email will have the unique identifier embedded in it. Whether respondents will or will not see the login question, it is built the same way.
  1. The Response Options, Display Properties, and Response Guides tabs can remain unchanged.
  1. Click the Data Dictionary tab and rename the question to ‘DATSTAT_ALTPID’. This is the variable we will use to authenticate the survey. It is a built in variable to illume used to specify the participant’s “Alternate Participant ID”, thus “ALTPID”.