Adding Show-If Logic

Some questions are not relevant to all users. For example, a survey about lifestyle and health habits may include several questions about a participant’s tobacco use. If a participant indicates that he doesn’t use tobacco, you don’t want to spend the respondent’s time asking about their tobacco use. Illume surveys include Show-if logic to allow you to show the right questions, text objects, and tables to participants based on who they are and how they respond to survey questions.

Let’s assume we are not concerned with the employment status of participants under the age of 18 or over the age of 70.

Illume relies on “show-if” logic, rather than “skip logic”, as it is more robust to changes being made to a survey.  And we all know that there’s rarely such thing as a “final version” of a survey!  We’ll define a Show-if condition for the employment question so that it appears only for participants who indicate an age between 18 and 70.


  1. Double click the EMPLOYMENT question in the Survey Editor
  1. Click the Show-if tab in the Question Editor
  1. Under “Show State,” choose “Only show if….”
  1. Click on the Root folder in the list of collections on the left side of the Question Editor. You’ll see a list of all our survey questions a participant would answer before reaching the employment question.
  1. Click on the question “What is your age?
  1. To show this question only to participants 18 years or older, select >= (greater than or equal to) from the operator list, and type 18 into the text box next to the list.
  1. Click the Add button to add this Show-if condition to the employment question. The new Show-if condition now appears in the list of conditions at the bottom of the Question Editor.
  1. Now let’s add the second condition. Select <= (less than or equal to) from the list, and type 70 into the text box next to the list. Be sure the list at the bottom of the screen labeled “Group all expressions with” is set to “And.” We want the EMPLOYMENT question to appear if the participant is at least 18 AND at most 70 years old. The Show-if editor will resemble the image below:
    show if logic 1
  1. Click Add to add the second condition. Click OK to return to the Survey Designer.