Adding Questions

  1. Add questions to the survey by clicking the Add Question icon 6.5-DatStat Illume Survey Manager-Survey Designer Example Tutorial-Adding Questions with Response Options 1 in the Designer toolbar. This brings up the Question Editor.
  1. On the general tab, there is a poplist for Display Type.  Toggle between the different options and notice how the image in the yellow box to the right changes to show you generally how that question will render.
  1. In this example we want to add a question that asks a participant’s age. To do this, type the question What is your age? in the prompt field. For this question, we want participants to type in a number, so we change the Display Type from Select One to Text. This will present participants with a text box in which to enter their age. You may also copy and paste text into the question editor from other documents by using ctrl+c for Copy and ctrl+v for Paste.