Adding Custom Text and Images

You can add custom images, audio (for ACASI surveys), video, Flash animations, Java applets, and other items to any part of your survey.  You can also insert text objects.  Text objects are useful anytime you want to communicate information, but not collect data, such as a welcome page, interviewer instructions, consent form, or other text.

Let’s add a simple bit of text to appear right after login:

  1. Click on the SURVEY collection in the left pane of the Survey Designer.
  1. Click on the Add text/html item icon on the Survey Designer toolbar.
    adding custom text 1
  1. Type some simple text, like “Welcome to Our Survey!
  1. Highlight the text and apply formatting as you would in a word processor, changing font size, color, and other attributes. You can also add graphics and links.  Graphics can be uploaded into the Survey Resources and used throughout the survey, such as branding a survey with a logo.
    adding custom text 2
  1. Click OK to add the Text/HTML item to your survey. In this example, the Text/HTML page that was just created has been dragged to show after the LOGIN collection.
    adding custom text 3
    NOTE: This item will be displayed to participants exactly where it appears in the Survey Editor. Save and preview your survey. You will see that the page after the login includes the HTML you just created.

    adding custom text 4

Additional Information about Text/HTML Items

You can apply show-if logic to Text/HTML items, just as you can to questions and collections. You can also view and edit the HTML source code for any of these items by opening it in the Text/HTML editor and clicking the Source tab at the bottom of the editor.  Once the survey has been programmed, it should be published for live data collection.