Adding a Question Table

A Question Table contains questions that share the same display type and the same set of response options. Illume makes the creation and display of these questions very simple and efficient. Let’s end our survey with a question table of questions about job satisfaction.

  1. If you are not currently in the EMPLOYMENT collection, click on the Employment Collection in the Left pane to open, so that you can build the table into that collection.
  1. Click on the Add a question table icon in the Survey Designer toolbar (or go to the Add menu and select Question Table). You’ll see the question table editor.
    adding question table 1
  1. Choose “Select One” as the display type. (It should be selected already.)
    adding question table 2
  2. For the Instructions enter “Please indicate how satisfied you are with each of the following aspects of your job
  1. Click the Response Options tab, and add the following response options, clicking Add as you enter each label:
    • -2 = Very Dissatisfied
    • -1 = Dissatisfied
    • 0 = Neutral
    • 1 = Satisfied
    • 2 = Very Satisfied
      adding question table 3
  1. Now click to the Prompts tab and enter the following Prompts, hitting Add after each:
    adding question table 4
  1. Click on the Display Properties Tab. For Display Width enter 90px.  This ensures the columns stay of equal width, at 90px wide.
    • Responsibilities
    • Challenges
    • Salary
    • Benefits
    • Atmosphere
  1. Click on the Data Dictionary tab and name this collection “SATISFACTION“. Click OK.
  1. Save the survey by clicking the Save icon.
  1. From the Preview menu select Preview in Default Browser to test your survey.  While testing, try shrinking the size of your window to see how the survey renders differently at different browser window sizes.

    NOTE: In Mobile Rendering, question tables are split into separate questions by prompt.

Additional Information about Question Tables

Question Tables can use other display types, such as lists, checkboxes, and text boxes. You can apply show-if logic to individual rows within a question table.