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Build a survey – check. Next, Illume needs to know who to administer the survey to. In this step, you will learn how to create a list of participants (cleverly referred to as a “participant list”), import it into the Illume Survey manager and connect it to your survey to begin collecting data.

1.Step 2: Manage Sample


  1. Create your flat file with as many participants as you like. This is easiest in Excel by just opening a new worksheet.  In that worksheet each row will contain information about a different participant, and the column headers will identify the piece of information. For this survey, we will include an ID that uniquely identifies the respondent, and we will put that in a column called “DATSTAT_ALTPID” (make sure your column header is written in exactly this way). Also make sure that your entries into this column are unique for each participant.
  1. We also will include a column called DATSTAT_EMAIL, to store the email address of each participant (as later in the tutorial you will learn how to send an automated email to the participants on your list). The email address column must  be called DATSTAT_EMAIL, exactly as written here. Use your own email address in the column so that you can receive the emails Illume sends out, and take the survey like a real participant. Participant lists can contain much more information than an ID and an email address, but for purposes of the tutorial, we will keep it simple!
    manage sample 1
  1. Save your participant list as Tab Delimited (.txt). Remember where you stored the list so that you can easily find it later.
  1. Log into your system’s web interface. You can find this URL from within the DatStat Illume Survey ManagerView” menu, by clicking “Launch DatStat Gateway”.  Enter your username and password.
    manage sample 2
  1. The Gateway page provides access to all DatStat web applications with a single sign-on. Once you are logged in, click the ‘Enterprise Manager’ link in the top-right hand corner if you were not immediately taken there.  You may not have all of the links shown in the screenshot below, based on what your organization has licensed and your specific user roles and privileges:
    manage sample 3
  1. On the left pane of the enterprise manager you will see two sections – DatStat Server and Projects. Head to the Project section, and expand Projects by clicking the + next to the folder. Within Projects you will see a System folder – that is the “parent” project folder in which all other project folders reside. Find the project folder into which you published your survey.
  1. Click ‘Participant Lists’ in the left-hand menu.
    manage sample 4
  1. In the ‘Take Action’ menu, click ‘Add Participant List’.
    manage sample 5
  1. Give the Participant List a name, such as “Sample Survey Participant List”
  1. Choose the ‘Project’ the list will appear under – it will default to the project folder you were in when you clicked Participant Lists
  1. For the Participant List Type, and select ‘Master’. Once done, click ‘Save’.
    manage sample 6
  1. To add participants, click the ‘View Participants’ icon next to the newly created participant list.
    manage sample 7
  1. From the ‘Take Action’ menu, click ‘Import Participants’.
    manage sample 8
  1. Select the file that was created and select ‘Add and/or update Participants’. Click ‘OK’.
    manage sample 9
  1. Once all participants have been uploaded, the participant list should look similar to below. You may see other columns on this grid, such as First and Last.  You can select which columns you see on this grid by going to the Take Action menu and selecting Choose Columns.  From there you can drag and drop the columns into the selected column list.  This is not a necessary action, but one that can be taken to control how the participant table renders for you as the user (and does not affect any other user).
    manage sample 10
  1. Now that the participant list is uploaded, we need to take the critical step of selecting the list for our published survey. To select the participant list for the survey, click ‘Surveys’ in the left pane under the project folder containing your survey.
    manage sample 11
  1. Click the ‘Survey Settings’ icon for the published survey, which is the first of the three visible icons.
    manage sample 12
  1. Select the participant list from the ‘Available Participant Lists’ and click ‘Add’ to move it over to ‘Associated Participant Lists’. Click ‘Save’.

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Next Steps

The participant list is now associated to the survey. At this point, any of the participants on the list are able to take the survey. Now you are ready to collect survey data by sending out a survey link in an email.