Randomized Collections

A randomized collection is one whose contents will be displayed in random order. When a User randomizes a collection, each participant will see the complete set of questions in a random order.

Types of randomization:

  • Randomize all objects
  • Randomly reverse objects
  • From previous survey item (specify)

To randomize the items in a collection, check the box next to “Use custom display order for objects in this collection”. Then, select the type of randomization desired for the collection.


Notes and Restrictions for Randomizing Collections

When randomizing the display of items in a collection, ALL of the items will be randomized, including Text/HTML items. If a Text/HTML item is to display before a set of randomized questions, put the Text/HTML item outside the collection or place it first and select Anchor this object.

  • Randomized collections cannot contain conditionally displayed items (items that have show-if conditions). The items must be either always shown or never shown.
  • Randomized collections cannot contain Jumps, and cannot be the target of a Jump.
  • Randomized collections cannot contain page breaks.