Custom CSS/JavaScript

On this page CSS and/or JavaScript code can be inserted for Illume Next to use on the rendering of every survey page.

To edit this page text:

  1. Choose Survey, Custom CSS, Javascript from the Survey Designer menu.
  1. Edit the page.
  1. Click OK.

6.5-DatStat Illume Survey Manager-Using the Survey Designer-Custom CSS and JavaScript 1

Custom CSS styles must be defined between style tags. DatStat advises naming custom CSS styles with a custom prefix (e.g. “.”) in order to avoid collision with the built-in DatStat survey styles.

Example of a custom CSS style:

<!--Custom CSS -->


.__myheader   {background:#999900;}


Custom JavaScript in Classic Rendering Style

For surveys rendering in the Classic rendering style (as opposed to Responsive) custom JavaScript may be inserted between script tags. This JavaScript code can either be inline or reference code in the Survey Resources. The JavaScript placed on this page cannot directly reference form elements because the content of this page is placed between the head HTML tags, however, form element objects can be passed as function arguments to JavaScript functions declared on this page.

Example of inline JavaScript:

<script language="JavaScript">

alert('Hello World');



Example of referencing JavaScript source from a resource:

<script language="JavaScript" src="SurveyResource/HelloWorld.js">