Using Repository Items

Adding an Item from the Repository to a Survey

While working within a survey it is possible to explore the repository and use an item in the open survey.

While in the Survey select Repository \ Explore

Follow the steps in “Browsing the Repository” to find the correct Item.

Drag the Item from the repository to the survey.

If there is already an item in the survey with the same name, a dialog box will appear prompting for a new name.

Breaking a Link to the Repository

If survey items exist in the repository, it will not be possible to edit certain properties of that item while editing the survey.

Repository items are marked by one of the following icons:

  • RSP_TextIcon.gifRepository Text/HTML Item
  • RSP_QuesionIcon.gifRepository Question
  • RSP_QuestionTableIcon.gifRepository Question Table

To edit these properties, it is possible to break the item’s link to the repository.

  1. Click on the item in the right pane of the Survey Editor.
  2. Choose Break Link from the Repository menu. (This option is also available from the context menu by right-clicking on the repository item.)


One of the benefits of repository items is that they are guaranteed to be the same in all of the surveys that use them. This makes them ideal for Cross Survey Views, which show responses to similar questions across multiple surveys. Once the link is broken it cannot be re-linked.

An Alternative to Breaking the Repository Link

One alternative to breaking the question’s link to the repository is to update the question directly in the repository, and then to get the latest repository version. Updating the question in the repository will not affect any existing surveys that use the repository item. All future surveys, however, will use the newest version of the item.

NOTE: Updating repository items may require special privileges. For more information, See “Editing Repository Items and Getting the Latest Repository Version”.