Searching the Repository

To reach the repository search screen follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are Logged in.  You will not have access to the repository if you are not logged in.
  2. Select Repository РExplore from the DatStat Illume Survey Manager.
  3. Click the Search tab.


Searching by Category and Value

To search by category and value:

  1. From the Search for list, choose the type of item to locate, or choose “All” to search through all repository items.
  2. From the Item status list, choose the status of the item(s) to find, or “All” to include items of any status in the search.
  3. Choose a category from the Category list.
  4. Choose one or more values from the Value list. Notice that the contents of the value list changes when the category changes.
  5. Choose either “is” or “is not” from the list of conditions.
  6. Click the Add button to add the conditions and values to the search criteria.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to add criteria to the search.
  8. Select “And” or “Or” to group the criteria (details below).
  9. Click Search .

The Search Results tab will appear, displaying the results of the search.


Searching the Text of Prompts and Scale Value

To search the texts of question prompts and scale values:

  1. Within the search tab, select the tab labeled Word Search.
  2. From the Search Text list, choose whether to search question prompts, or scale values, or choose “All” to search both.
  3. Select either “contains” or “does not contain.”
  4. Type a search word or phrase into the Phrase field.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 to add more conditions. (For example, a query could look for questions that contain “automobile” and do not contain “Yugo.”)
  7. Select “And” or “Or” to group the criteria (details below).
  8. Click Search.


Grouping Criteria with And / Or

Grouping search criteria with “And” will almost always produce fewer results than grouping search criteria with “Or.”

When grouping search criteria with “And,” it is telling Illume to list items that match ALL of the criteria specified.

When grouping search criteria with “Or,” it is telling Illume to list items that match ANY of the criteria specified.

While “Or” searches generally return a broader range of results, “And” searches return a very specific set of results.

Mixing ‘And’ and ‘Or’ in a Single Search

In some cases, a search may use both “And” and “Or” conditions in a single search. This can be done, to a limited extent, when performing a category/value search.

If more than one value from the value list (as described in step 6 under searching by category/value above)is checked, and the Add button is clicked, the values appear on a single line in the list of criteria, and they are separated by “or.”

Several sets of values can be added in this way. After adding all of the sets, choose “And” as the group option, the result will be a set of criteria like this:

Demographics is ‘Age’ or ‘Gender’ And Disease is ‘Colorado tick fever’ or ‘Measles’ or ‘Mumps’

The repository Search tool will include only values belonging to a common category in these one-line “or” conditions.

NOTE: And / Or cannot be mixed when in the Word Search tab.


Restoring the Full Repository List

After running a search, the survey list will display only those items that met the criteria. To restore the repository list so that all items appear, go back to the Search tab, click Clear All Criteria , and then click Search again.