Retiring Repository Items

To retire a repository item means to make it unavailable for use in future surveys. If you retire an item that has previously been included in published surveys (including currently running surveys), those surveys will not be affected: they will still include those items.

To retire a repository item, the User must be an Administrator, Publisher or Power User, and the item itself must be approved. (Unapproved repository items cannot be included in surveys, so there is no point in retiring them. An unapproved repository item can be deleted if it is of no use.

Follow these steps to retire a repository item:

  1. Locate the item in the right pane of either the Browse Categories or Search Results tab of the Repository Explorer.
  2. Right click on the item and select Retire from the context menu.


  1. Click OK in the warning dialog.


  1. (Optional) Add any comments that may be helpful, such as the reason for the item’s retirement. This will become part of the item’s history, and may be helpful in the future when deciding whether or not to reactivate the item.


  1. Click OK

Administrators can reactivate retired repository items. See “Reactivating Repository Items” for more information.