Reactivating Repository Items

Illume Administrators can reactivate repository items, making them once again available to users for inclusion in new surveys.

Follow these steps to reactivate a repository item:

  1. Click on the Search tab of the Repository Explorer.
  2. In the Search for list, choose either All or the specific type of item to reactivate.
  3. In the Item status list, choose “Retired.”
  4. Click the Search button.


  1. The Search Results tab with a list of folders in the left pane and a list of items in the right pane will open. The All Results folder should be selected.
  2. In the right pane, right click on the name of the item to reactivate, and select Reactivate from the context menu.


  1. Click OK in the warning dialog.


  1. (Optional) Enter comments to describe why the item is being reactivated. These comments become part of the item’s history.


  1. Click OK