Getting the Latest Repository Version

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If a survey includes an item from the repository, and the item has been updated in the repository after it was added to the survey, it will need to be updated manually to retrieve the updated version.   Illume will not automatically update repository items in a survey, for reasons described in “Editing Repository Items”.

Repository items are marked by one of the following icons:

  • RSP_TextIcon.gifRepository Text/HTML Item
  • RSP_QuesionIcon.gifRepository Question
  • RSP_QuestionTableIcon.gifRepository Question Table

To get the latest repository version of an item, click on the item in the right pane of the Survey Designer and choose Get Latest Version from the Repository menu. (This option is also available from the context menu by right-clicking on the repository item.)


If there is a newer version to get, Illume will display a message confirming that it has retrieved the latest version.  Otherwise, Illume will not present any message.



NOTE: All Repository linked items in a survey can be updated at the same time.

  1. Click on Repository in the Menu Bar
  2. Select Update All Repository Items