Deleting Repository Items

To delete an item from the repository:

  1. Locate the item in the right pane of either the Browse Categories or Search Results tab of the Repository Explorer.
  2. Right click on the item and select Delete from the context menu.


  1. Click OK in the warning dialog. (The warning note is explained below, under A Note On Deleting Repository Items.)



NOTE: The delete option will be disabled on the context menu for any item that the User is not authorized to delete.

A repository item may be deleted if the following conditions are true:

  • The logged in User submitted the item to the repository, or is an Administrator
  • The item is not included in any published surveys

Removing a Published Repository Item

Although repository items that appear in published surveys cannot be deleted, they can be retired. The difference is that deleted items are removed from the repository altogether, while retired items are simply made unavailable for future use.

Published surveys that already use a retired repository item can continue to use them. Once the item is retired, however, it will no longer appear in the repository, and users will not be able to add it to future surveys. See “Retiring Repository Items”.


A Note on Deleting Repository Items

When a repository item is deleted, there may be unpublished surveys that Illume doesn’t yet know about that refer to this item. If so, these surveys will not be able to include a copy of the repository item, and the item will have to be manually re-created in the survey.