Editing an Existing Survey

To edit an existing survey, simply double-click on the survey name in the My Surveys tab of the Illume Survey Manager. If the survey does not appear under the My Surveys tab, the survey will need to be cloned or checked out from the Illume server. See “Checking Out a Survey for details.

6.5 - DatStat Illume Survey Manager - Survey Administration - Survey Workflow - Editing an Existing Survey 1

Editing a Specific Language Within a Survey

If you have a license to the add-on “Translation Module” and your survey includes more than one language, you can view and edit the survey in any of its component languages. Simply select Language from the Edit menu within the Illume Survey Designer, and pick the language you want to work with.

6.5 - DatStat Illume Survey Manager - Survey Administration - Survey Workflow - Editing an Existing Survey 2

The languages that appear in the list include all of the languages for which translations have been entered for the survey. The language marked by an asterisk (*) is the survey default language.

Editing a Published Survey

After a Survey has been published many of its attributes can be edited, and this editing can occur without interrupting live data collection.

The following types of changes can be made to a published survey:

  • Adding new questions
  • Adding new response options
  • Adding new calculations or Preload/Hidden variables
  • Adding new text objects
  • Changing the order of questions
  • Changing the order of response options
  • Changing the order of rows within a question table
  • Changing the wording of questions, text objects, or response options
  • Changing the show-if logic associated to items. Changing the show-if logic associated to items will not interrupt live data collection, however respondents who start a survey, leave it in a partial state, and then return to the survey after this type of change has been made will resume the survey at the beginning.  All of their entered responses will be retained, however the respondent will be forced to page forward in the survey until they reach the point at which they initially left the survey.
  • Changing the data dictionary name of any object
  • Changing the Style of a survey
  • Changing survey wide preferences such as question numbering, buttons

Below is the List of things that are not possible within a Published Survey:

  • Deleting questions:  Questions cannot be deleted, but on the Show If tab they can be set to “Never Shown”.  This retains the column in the data set but prevents the item from being viewed by subsequent participants
  • Deleting response options for a Select One or Check All That Apply variables:  Options can be edited or added, but not deleted.  Options can be set to Never Shown
  • Deleting Preload/Hidden Variables:  The variable names and descriptions can be edited, but the variables cannot be deleted
  • Deleting Calculations:  The contents of calculations can be edited, but the calculation itself cannot be deleted
  • Changing the data type of questions
  • Changing the scale value associated to a response option