Working with Survey Templates

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Survey templates are reusable models upon which surveys can be built. A template may include headers, footers, images, questions, and blocks of HTML.  Templates are valuable as they save you and your colleagues time in that you don’t have to rebuild something you or your colleagues have already built.

To create a new template:

  1. Create a new survey or Clone an existing survey.
  1. Check in the Survey.
  1. Select one of the template options in the drop-down.
    1. Check in as a template only:  When in this state, you and other users cannot use the template.  It must first be approved
    2. Check in as template only and request approval:  When in this state, it cannot be used as a template until approval is received
    3. Check in as template only and approve:  When in this state, the survey becomes available as a template to you and other users.


  1. Select the Project – This will determine who has access to this template.
  1. Click OK after completing the remainder of the information needed to check in the survey.
  1. The survey will be available when creating a New Survey.


If the survey is already checked in, to change the item to a template, clone the existing survey and check in the clone as a template.