Checking Out a Survey

To edit an existing survey, it must first be checked out from the Illume server. Note that a user must be connected to the Illume server to check out a survey. If the Survey Administration tab is not in the Illume Survey Manager, a connection to the server has not been established. Choose File > Reconnect to connect to the server, and then follow the steps below.

6.5 - DatStat Illume Survey Manager - Survey Administration - Survey Workflow - Checking Out a Survey

  1. In the Survey Administration tab, right click on the name of the survey that is to be checked out.
  1. (Optional) Type comments, if desired. These comments will be available to anyone using or reviewing the survey’s history.
  1. Click OK.
  1. The survey will now appear in blue font on the My Surveys tab.

A user may not check-out any survey that is currently checked out to someone else. However, a read-only version of the survey is viewable by double-clicking on the survey name and answering yes when asked if a preview is desired. This will display all of the survey questions in printable form. The view is the same as the Preview Survey Layout option available from Illume┬áSurvey Designer‘s File menu.

Keep in mind that the read-only version is the last version checked in to the Illume server. It does not include any edits that may have been made by the person who currently has the survey checked out. Illume will display the name of the person who has the survey checked out in the Last Action column to the right of the survey name. Contact that person to check the survey back in order to access it.

If the person is unreachable, a Survey Administrator or Reviewer can cancel┬áthe other user’s check-out, but breaking a check-out can result in the loss of any changes a user has made to a survey.