Cancelling a Survey Check-Out

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In some cases, it may become necessary to cancel another user’s check-out. For example, if one user checks out a survey and then is away from work, other users may need to review or edit that survey. However, because the survey is checked out, the other users would be unable to gain access to it.

Users with the role Administrator or Reviewer are able to cancel another user’s check-out. Before doing this, be aware that canceling a check-out resultsĀ in the loss of any changes the user made while he or she had the survey checked out.

When a check-out is cancelled, the master copy of the survey on the Illume server reverts to the version that the user had checked out. Whatever changes the user may have made to the survey remains in the user’s local copy of the survey, but these changes will not make it back to the Illume server.

6.5 - DatStat Illume Survey Manager - Survey Administration - Survey Workflow - Canceling a Survey Check-Out


To cancel another user’s checkout:

  1. In the Survey Administration tab of the Illume Survey Manager, right click on the name of the survey whose checkout is being canceled.
  1. Select the Cancel Check-out option from the context menu.
  1. Click Yes when asked, ‘Are you sure you want to cancel this user’s checkout?’