Require interviewer sign in

This feature is to be utilized within Interviewer-administered surveys in which there is a desire to capture the identity of the Interviewer and to authenticate that Interviewer as a defined User in the system.

Checking this box creates fields for Interviewer Login that appear within the Login page of a survey when launched.  The example below is from an authenticated survey in which the Interviewer must enter a study ID for the participant.  The Interviewer Login fields appear after the authentication variables and prior to the Log-In button.

6.5-DatStat Illume Survey Manager-Using the Survey Designer-Security-Require Interviewer SIgn in 1

Neither the placement of the Interviewer Login fields nor the terminology used (e.g. Interviewer, Username, Password), can be edited.

When the Interviewer enters the Username and Password, the survey authenticates the entered information against the defined Users in the Enterprise Manager.  If authentication fails, the survey cannot be launched.

Note:  This feature cannot be utilized in surveys collected offline via the Remote Data Collection add-on module.