Creating Custom End Pages

The End Page is the page participants see after they click the Submit button in the survey (or the submit button is clicked by a “jump to the end and automatically submit”. Illume enables the survey creator to define custom content for the end page. Multiple end pages can be created, with each block of end page content including show-if conditions so that they appear only to participants who meet specific criteria.

For example, the survey may screen participants to see if they are eligible for a more detailed follow-up study. Those who qualify for the follow-up study will see on the end page an invitation to participate in the follow-up. Others will see only a message thanking them for their participation. To determine which content a participant sees is controlled by simple show-if logic on each end page content block.  For example, the “invitation” may appear to all participants who answered yes to a certain question. Anyone who did not answer yes will see the thank you message.

Creating End Page Content

To create a End Page content, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Survey \ End-Page Content  from the Survey Designer menu.


  1. Click the Add Text/Html… button.


  1. Use the HTML editor to create the content.
  2. (Optional) Click the Show-if tab to set the show-if conditions under which this page should appear.
  3. (Optional) Click the Data Dictionary tab and enter a descriptive name for this page. This makes the survey easier to recognize when you have multiple end pages.
  4. Click OK in the HTML editor.
  5. Click Done in the Survey End-Page editor.

Can a participant see content from more than one block of content on the end page?

Yes. If a participant meets the show-if conditions for more than one block of end page content (i.e. conditions are not mutually exclusive), the content from each end page will appear in the same order that the content appears in the End Page Content Editor. All of the content appears on a single HTML page.

For example, assume the survey has one question that asks “Which end page would you like to see?” The options are “blue,” “red,” and “green.” The survey has the following four end pages:

  • Blue End Page Anyone who answers “blue” sees this page.
  • Red End Page Anyone who answers “red” sees this page.
  • Green End Page Anyone who answers “green” sees this page.
  • Default End Page All participants see this, no matter what they answer


When the End Page Content blocks are in this order…


participants will see the content from either the red or green or blue end page, followed by the content from the default end page.

NOTE: There is no show-if condition on the default end page content, so everyone sees it.

When the End Page Content blocks are in this order…


participants will see the default end page content first (i.e. at the top of the page), followed by either the red or green or blue end page content.