Creating Survey Redirects

Survey redirects allow participants to be redirected to another web site or URL after they have submitted a survey.  One potential use for survey redirects is to chain one survey to another, i.e. to direct a participant from one survey to another survey.  You may use redirects in combination with End Page Content, i.e. you can have certain participants be redirected on submit under certain conditions, and show other participants End Page Content under other conditions, as long as the full set of conditions are mutually exclusive.

If redirect needs to occur in the middle of a survey, a Jump object can be added that specifies “Jump to the end and automatically submit” and the redirect will occur after the submit.

Steps to create a survey redirect:

  1. Choose Survey \ Redirects in the menu
  2. Enter a Description for the redirect.
  3. Enter the redirect URL. It is possible to use piping tags to perform value replacement.  For example, the following value could be entered to allow for survey chaining or a participant to continue to take another authenticated survey:{Value:DATSTAT_ALTPID}
    • The portion at the end of the URL, &LoginID={Value:DATSTAT_ALTPID}, is where the known ID for the participant is passed through the end of the URL, allowing that link to “auto-authenticate” the participant directly into the second survey, without requiring the participant to directly enter the ID.
  4. Click the “Only active if” radio button and the Active-If button if the redirect is to be conditionally performed based on the values of specific questions and calculations.


How Redirects Work

After a participant submits a survey each redirect is visited in top to bottom order in which they are specified in the Survey Designer. The participant is redirected to the first redirect that matches the criteria. Once a participant matches the criteria of one redirect, all redirect and end page processing stops. This means that if a redirect is being performed, no end page Text/HTML object content will be displayed upon submission of the survey. For SDK users this means that no runtime content objects in the end page will be processed.

It is important to note that order is very important when specifying redirects. To change the order of redirects, click on a redirect in the Survey Redirects dialog and drag it up or down.

A Redirect can be copied and pasted within the same survey or to another.