The User Agreement is a feature that allows a User with the Administrator Role at the System project security level, to create an agreement to which each User must agree before he or she will be allowed to access the various areas of the product.

NOTE: Accepting a User Agreement is typically a binding legal act and should be treated as such by the Administrator and all Users.

Create a User Agreement

  1. Login into DatStat Gateway and navigate to the Enterprise Manager
  2. Click the User Agreement link on the left pane
  3. Add the text for the Users to see in the User Agreement
  4. Choose whether to have the Users periodically reaccept the User Agreement. If so, specify a positive-integer value for the duration of your User Agreement.
  5. Check “Is Enabled?” and click Save
    6.5-Web Applications-DatStat Enterprise Manager-User Agreement 1

If Users log out of the system and then try to reenter it they will be asked to accept the User Agreement once this feature is enabled. Once Users have agreed they will not be asked to agree to it again until the Agreement Duration specified in step 4 has elapsed. Users will never be asked to reaccept if the User Agreement is set up to not require periodic reacceptance.

Upon login, the agreement will appear automatically.  The user must click Agree or Disagree. If Agree is select, the user will proceed to the application.  If Disagree is selected, the User will be returned to the login screen.

6.5-Web Applications-DatStat Enterprise Manager-User Agreement 2