System Extensions

System extensions are compiled developer code (using the DatStat Software Developers Kit – SDK) that implement hook interfaces to perform custom tasks when various events occur, or display custom data in the “Custom Reports” section of Discovery. A hook developer will create a DLL that implements one or more interfaces exposed through the DatStat SDK. That DLL can then be registered in the system through the “System Extensions” section of the Enterprise Manager. When a user wants to upload a DatStat SDK DLL, they must choose a unique name to identify the System Extension, check whether the System Extension is enabled, and choose the projects to which the System Extension will be made available. When editing a System Extension, the User can choose to overwrite the existing DLL by choosing a new DLL to upload. This is not required when editing an existing System Extension and if none is selected, the existing DLL will not be changed.

Once registered in the system, various items within Studys can subscribe to hooks contained in that System Extension.  When a User edits a Study, for example, that Study can make use of any hook in any System Extension that is made available to that Study’s project. These hooks will show up in two places: on the “System Extensions” tab when editing a Study, and when adding new actions to an event.


NOTE: System Extensions will only be available if the SDK and Discovery are included in the customer license.

Registering a System Extension

  1. Login into DatStat Gateway and navigate to the Enterprise Manager
  2. Click the System Extensions link
  3. Under Take Action select Add Custom Extension
  4. Name the Extension
  5. Browse to the appropriate DLL
  6. Select the Appropriate Projects for this Extension
  7. Click Save and OK


The Extension will appear in the System Extensions Data Grid



Edit Custom Extension

Clicking on the Edit Custom Extension icon in the Data Grid will allow the User to Edit the information about the Extension and provide information about that Extension.



Enabling a System Extension in a Study

Once the System Extension has been registered within the Enterprise Manager and made available to the required Projects, it needs to be enabled within that Study.


NOTE: If an SDK User has not been created for this Extension, one must be created prior to enabling the extension.


  1. Within the Enterprise Manager
  2. Expand the appropriate Project
  3. Select Studies
  4. Select the Edit Study Icon for the appropriate Study
  5. Click on the System Extensions Tab
  6. Enter the SDK Username and Password
  7. Check the box for the extension
  8. Enter any Hook Data if applicable
  9. Click Save and OK
  10. This Extension will now show up in the System Extensions in the Study Details

NOTE: The System Extension can be disabled by unchecking the Custom Hook check box, see graphic below



System Extensions within the Study Details