The highest level of organization within your System is called a Project. All Projects are a sub project of the System project.

Projects are created and managed via the Enterprise Manager for both Illume only and Discovery/Illume customers as a way to secure and organize Surveys, Survey Data, Email Jobs, Participant Lists and Studies.

Projects can be organized in either a flat structure or a hierarchical structure. For example, your system can have a series of single, unrelated projects or one main Project that contains a set of sub-projects.

Users, surveys, participant lists and studies are assigned at the Project level.  This means that you can restrict access for Users for all of these elements at the Project level.

Assigning a User a role at the System level will provide access across all Projects unless they are denied access to a specific sub-project using the Excluded Role.

If there are multiple groups that will be sharing the System installation, an Administrator can create a separate Project for each group and assign Users to the appropriate group.  Doing so ensures the right people have access to the right data.


Creating a Project in the Enterprise Manager

  1. Login into DatStat Gateway as the Administrator or a User with the Administrator Role
  2. Navigate to the Enterprise Manager

NOTE: Any User with the Administrator role will be able to create Projects, at or below the highest project they are Administrator to.

  1. In the Enterprise Manager interface click on the Add Icon GreenPlus.gif next to System.



  1. In the Add Sub-Project screen enter the name of the new Project and select the Parent Project. The Parent Project drop-down will be defaulted to the project next to which Add Icon was clicked.




  1. Click Save and OK
  2. The new project will be listed below System


NOTE: To create a sub-project below the one just created, click on the Add IconGreenPlus.gif next to the Project that will be the new Project’s parent project.

Editing a Project

To Edit an existing project click on the name of the Project on the list in the Enterprise Manager.

Users may change the Project Name and Parent Project.

Click Save when finished to commit the changes.

Deleting a Project

To delete a Project, click on the Parent Project to expand the tree.

Then, click on the Red “X” next to the Project to delete it.

NOTE: Users are not permitted to delete a project until it contains a) no sub-projects, b) no participant lists, c) no surveys and d) no studies. Users must delete all of these elements before the deletion of the Project is permitted.