Managing User Groups

User Groups provide the ability to assign a Role or set of Roles to a Group instead of one-by-one to a number of individual users.  Assigning Users to a User Group ensures that all users of that group have the same privileges.

NOTE: A user group can also contain a user group as a member. This gives an organization the ability to have deep hierarchies of privileges. User Group privileges are aggregated at the project level but, User-level privileges will trump all User Group privileges at the specified project.


  1. Log into the DatStat Gateway as either the Local Administrator or a User with the Administrator Role over the Project where you are adding the User Group.
  2. In the Enterprise Manager Application click on the User Groups Icon
  3. Click Take Action
  4. Select Add User Group
  5. Enter the Group Name and a description if desired
  6. On the Illume Roles Tab – Add the Roles that will be used for this group
  7. Use the Group Members tab to select the Users that will belong to this group.
  8. Click Save and OK

Note: Any Role assigned to an individual User will supersede the Group Roles.  For example if the Group Role gives a User the Power Analyst Role, yet the User was individually assigned the Analyst role for the same Project, the User would only have the Analyst role.