All Users across DatStat Illume and Discovery can be managed in the Enterprise Manager.

All Users are given access to various parts of the Survey Manager, Enterprise Manager, Data Manager, Data Change, and Discovery through combinations of Roles that give them access to various features and abilities and Projects they are given access to an User with the Administrator Role.

General Rules of DatStat’s Security Model

Association – A role is associated to a specific User of a Project or Survey. Currently, Users can only be associated to Projects and Surveys .

Privilege aggregation – A User can be given more than one role on the same Project or Survey. When this is done the resulting set of privileges is the sum or union of privileges from all roles.

Propagation – Giving a User one or more roles on a Project will cause these roles to propagate to all sub-projects and their contents.

Propagation override – Giving a User one or more roles on a sub-project will override ANY roles that have been propagated from the parent project. That is to say that giving a user the Designer role on a sub-project versus having Power User at the System level will grant them ONLY Designer privileges at that sub-project and any sub-projects below there. For example, a User that belongs to a User group that has User roles in the System project, these roles propagate to ALL projects.  If roles are then added specifically for the User in sub-projects, the User will only utilize these roles in the sub-projects (Propagation override).

User Roles supersede User Group Roles – User roles specified for a User have higher precedence than that of a User Group.  Therefore, if roles are specified for a User and User Group (in which that User is a member) at the same project level, the User roles will ONLY be used.  In addition, these User roles will be propagated down with a higher precedence than any additional roles specified for a User Group in which this User is a member.

 Adding the Study Administrator/Administrator User

When first configuring an Illume/Discovery system, or when adding a new Department/Group or Study Project, the User must have sufficient privileges to do their necessary tasks.

Determine the needs of the User, and the corresponding role, as in the examples below:

  • Need to Create/Publish Surveys/View and Access Data – Power User Role
  • Need to create and manage Projects/Users – Administrator Role
  • Need to Configure a Discovery Study – Study Administrator Role
  • Need to Manage Participants in an Illume survey or Discovery Study – Participant Manager Role

Each of the listed actions will require a role be assigned to that User.

 Adding a User


  1. Log into the Enterprise Manager as either the Local Administrator or a User with the Administrator Role over the Projects to which the Users will be added.
  2. In the Enterprise Manager pane click on the Users Icon
  3. Click Take Action
  4. Select Add User
  5. In the Profile tab select the User Type, add the Logon Name, Display Name, and Email – optional
    • Normal – Will potentially have multiple roles, and may have the ability to work in Illume as well as Discovery.  This is the default User Type, and is applicable for the vast majority of users.
    • Viewer – Cannot create or edit surveys. Can view and execute shared queries in the Data Manager but have no other privileges. The Viewer role is appropriate for an analyst who needs access only to a limited subset of data. (e.g. a contractor or consultant.)
    • Remote Data Collector – Will solely have access in Designer Client for Remote Data Collection.
    • Extranet – A User that only has access to Extranet Reports created in the Data Manager
    • Non-Interactive (SDK) – A User account used in conjunction with SDK code.  Not for any normal User.
    • RMS – A User that will only be working in Discovery.  The User has no roles or privileges in Illume.  NOTE: The RMS User Type is only available for Customers who have DatStat Discovery activated in their license.
  6. If the User is a temporary user, e.g. a summer intern, you may set an Expiration date.  The user’s account will become disabled on the date you enter.
  7. Enter a beginning Password.  The user will need to reset this password on first login.  Illume will not generate an email to the user with their password – you must communicate that outside of the DatStat system.
  8. In the Illume Roles tab you can select the Security Type (Survey or Project) and assign the appropriate role/s for this User.  The survey security type means that you are assigning the role for a single individual survey, whereas the Project security type means you are assigning the role for all contents of the Project.
    NOTE: After selecting the Security Type, Project, and User Role, click the Add Role button for each role added.  This is a commonly missed step – if you do not click Add Role and see the role listed, you did not add the role.
  9. The Features tab allows the Administrator to give access to any additionally Licensed/Special features (see enabling special features below)
  10. On the Site Access tab assign the Sites/Site Groups to which the User has access (optional).
    NOTE: Sites may or may not exist at the time of User creation.  A Site can also be assigned afterward by editing the User.
  11. When all appropriate information has been entered for the User, click the Save button.
  12. At the User Saved screen click OK

Edit User

To Edit an existing User the Administrator can click the Edit EditUserIcon.gificon in the List Users screen.

The Edit User Screen has all of the same functionality as the Add New User screen. After appropriate changes have been made click the Save button. Use the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen to cancel and return back to the List Users screen.

Deleting/Disabling Users

Users can only be deleted if they have not created a Survey, Query, Participant list or other Items in the Study.  A User that has created any of these can only be disabled.  Disabling will prevent any and all access to the system.

Deleting must be done as an Administrator in the Enterprise Manager. To Disable a User click Edit User and check the Disabled box.


Changing Password

Users can change their password from the DatStat Illume Survey Manager by choosing File Change Password. The user will type in the old password and the desired new password. Then the user will re-type the desired new password in the Confirmation field. Clicking OK makes the change.

Users can also change their password from within the Web Applications by clicking on the link for “Welcome, User Name”. This will open the User Preferences dialog and the user may change their password here.

 Enabling Special Features

If the Illume license includes the Software Development Kit (SDK), Translation Module or Remote Data Collection, these features must be enabled for each user who should use them. By default, these features are disabled for all Users, even if they are included in the license.

Data Import is a listed feature that is provided to all DatStat Customers and is not an additional cost, this feature can be given to specific users in the Features tab. Not all users should have the ability to upload/modify data.

By default all users can export data grids.  Uncheck this box if this is not desired for a particular user, e.g. if there are concerns about protected information being exported and saved on local devices.