Email From Addresses

This page applies only to organizations that are self-hosted.  It is important to note that although DatStat allows self-hosted users to configure multiple email from addresses, DatStat supports bounce-back email processing from a single mailbox.

A DatStat installation requires an email address to be designated as the “From” address for all email sent from the system.  This From address is defined as an Application Setting specified in the Enterprise Manager. The DatStat Service will be prevented from starting up unless this setting is defined.  In Self Hosted environments multiple From Addresses may be created.  These From addresses can be designated for specific Projects or Studies.  Each additional address must be set to forward to the default From address so that the Email Job logs will work correctly.  Once this is done, the Email address can be added in the Enterprise Manager.


Adding an Email From Address in the Enterprise Manager

  1. Log into the DatStat Gateway as either the Local Administrator or a User with the Administrator Role over System.
  2. In the Enterprise Manager pane click on the Email From Addresses Link
  3. Click on Take Action/Add Email From Address
  4. Add the visible Friendly Name, the Email Address, and select the Project that this address will be used in.
  5. Click Save and Ok