Default User Roles


Description: This role is able to administer the enterprise, organize the project hierarchy and setup security but not able to see any data or configure studies (if Discovery is licensed).

Able to:

  • Create Projects
  • Create Studies
  • Create participant lists and configure participant list definitions
  • Add/Modify sites
  • Add/Modify custom roles
  • Create/Modify Users/groups
  • Delete surveys (and their associated data)
  • Unsubmit survey submissions
  • Delete survey submissions

What it cannot do:

  • Configure Studies
  • Query/View individual participants
  • Query/View study data
  • Query/View survey data


Description: An analyst has access to the Data Manager only. Analysts can query and download data. They can also create and share queries with other analysts and viewers.  An analyst cannot create Cross-Survey views.

Power Analyst

Description:  The Power Analyst has all of the same privileges as the Analyst, plus the ability to create cross survey views.

 Data Changer

Description: A user needs the Data Changer role to use the functionality in the Data Change Module (an add-on module). This user must also have the Data Change feature enabled for a user.

Data Collector

Description: Able to launch surveys both online and offline (using remote data collection, an add-on module).  In Discovery, this user can launch survey study tasks.


Description: Designers can create and edit surveys in the Illume Survey Designer desktop client. Designers cannot approve surveys–not even their own surveys. After a Designer creates a survey, it must be approved by a Publisher, Power User, or Administrator before it can be published. Designers can also submit items such as questions and Text/HTML objects to the repository. See the table below for a full listing of Designer privileges.


Description: The Designer-Analyst has the combined  privileges of the Designer and the Analyst.

Email Manager

Description: Email Managers can only define and initiate email jobs (e.g. sending out email invitations to participants). They cannot work with surveys or view survey results or participant lists.


Description: This role has no privileges whatsoever. Generally, you assign this role within a limited realm. For example, one of your Users has Publisher privileges on all of your surveys. However, this User must not be allowed to access Survey X at all. Assign this User the “Excluded” role on Survey X, and he or she will be prevented from accessing the survey in any way. On all other surveys, the User’s normal role will continue to apply.

Power User

Description:  The power User has all of the privileges of the Designer, Power Analyst, Email Manager.  Users must have this role in order to configure Survey Submit and Survey Login Events.


Description:  Publishers can create and edit surveys through the Survey Designer, and can approve and reject their own surveys, and the surveys of others. This is important, because surveys cannot be published until they are approved.

Publishers can also create, edit, and approve items in the survey repository.


Description: Survey Viewers cannot create or edit surveys.  The only interface to which they have access is the Data Manager, where they can view and execute shared queries. They have no other privileges. The Viewer role is appropriate for an analyst who needs access only to a limited subset of data. (For example, a contractor or consultant.)


Discovery Only Roles

The following Roles are only available with a DatStat Discovery license.

Study Administrator

Description:  This role can do everything that the Enterprise Administrator can do but it will be allowed to configure studies and not be allowed to create them or create/modify User roles, which are a global resource.

Same privileges as Enterprise Administrator except for the following:

  • Ability to configure studies
  • Ability to Add/Modify study locations
  • Not able to Create studies
  • Not able to Add/Modify custom roles

Additional notes: Currently Sites are a global resource and since this role will generally not be applied at the System Project level sites will not be able to be created/modified with this User Role.

Contact Manager

Description: Able to view and edit Contact Info, Appointments, and Communications for all participants where the User is the Case Owner or additional Case Owner.

Participant Manager

Description: This role can see all participants and do all things in Discovery related to participants.

Able to:

  • Query and modify ALL participants and participant data including changing the case owner and transferring participants between sites.
  • View Users
  • View study-related data for all participants of a study
  • Run custom reports
  • View the Study and Study Workflow

What it cannot do:

  • Create, Configure or Modify entities such as participant lists, studies, study workflow, projects, etc…
  • Work with survey data

Case Owner

Description: This role is similar to the Participant Manager role with the exception that it can only perform actions against participants in which they are the Case Owner or additional Case Owner.

Able to:

  • Query and modify participants in which it is the Case Owner or additional Case Owner
  • Ability to view study-related data for participants in which it is the Case Owner or additional Case Owner

What it cannot do:

  • Create or configure entities such as participant lists, studies, projects, etc…
  • Cannot View custom reports or data that spans the entire study
  • Cannot View/Query/Modify ANY data outside of participant & study specific data
  • Cannot add participants or delete participants

Flow Manager

Description: Able to view and edit all types of Study Tasks for all participants where the User is the Case Owner or additional Case Owner.  Not able to edit participants and other study-related (non-study-item) data [eg notes, contact info, etc]