Discovery allows Administrators to customize the following terms in the Discovery interface to fit the language customs of their organization:

  • Participant / Participants
  • Study / Studies
  • Survey / Surveys
  • Interim

Administrators may specify replacement terms for each of these words (and their plurals) at the Enterprise level. For each of these terms, if a replacement is specified, Discovery will display the replacement term in place of the original term in all pages, error messages, and page or element attributes (such as the title of an HTML page or element, and the alt-text of an HTML image element). If no replacement term is specified, Discovery will display the default term, which will be the literal term from the list above.


Individual studies can override these terms. If the study specifies a word to replace any of the above terms, Discovery will display that word. If the study does not specify a replacement, but the enterprise level does, Discovery will display the term defined at the enterprise level. If there is no replacement at either the study level or the enterprise level, Discovery will display the default term.


Editing Custom Terms

  1. Log into Discovery as either the Local Administrator or a User with the Administrator Role over the Project where you wish to edit the Custom Terms.
  2. In the Enterprise Manager pane click on the Custom Terms Icon
  3. Edit the desired Terms and Click Save and OK