API keys are used to authenticate external applications connecting to the DatStat API.  Each key consists of two pieces, a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret.   These are analogous to the login and password for an application, and combined with the user’s login and password protect access to the resources provided by the DatStat API.  External applications use this pair of tokens to sign their API requests, ensuring that only authorized applications can connect.   The callback URL is a required parameter for web-based external applications, providing additional security by specifying the site the user should be redirected back to after authorizing an external application.

It is best practice to create an API key for each external application connecting to your system.  This makes it easier to temporarily suspend or permanently revoke that application’s connection should the need arise.  As with any password, the consumer secret should be protected.

NOTE: API Keys will only be available if the SDK is included in the customer license.

Adding API Keys

  1. Login into DatStat Gateway and navigate to the Enterprise Manager
  2. Click the API Keys link
  3. Under Take Action select Add API Key
  4. Enter the API Key Description
  5. Enter the Callback URL
  6. Click Save and OK


The API Key will appear in the API Key Data Grid




NOTE: Clicking on the Edit API Key icon in the Data Grid will allow the User to Edit the information about the Key.