Viewing Reports

Extranet Viewers see published reports through the DatStat Extranet. Data Manager users see reports listed on the Reports tab of the Project page. Data Manager users can view reports, but can edit only those reports they created themselves.

Reports can be viewed in two ways:

  1. The Preview button at the top of the report page displays a preview of the report a Report Designer is currently working on. This is helpful when designing a report to see how changes affect the report’s appearance. If no changes have been made since the last time the report was published, the Preview button will be disabled.
  2. The View Published button displays the published version of the report. This button will be disabled if no published version of the report exists.


When clicking View Published, a link will be at the top of the report called Force Data Refresh. Click this to update the report with the latest available survey data. When forcing a data refresh, the updated data appear on the DatStat Extranet as well.