Setting Report Access Privileges

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By default, reports are visible to those Data Manager users who are allowed to build reports, and to all Extranet Viewers. (Extranet Viewers are those who can log into the DatStat Extranet.) To restrict who is able to see a report, it is possible to specifically define who can see the report and who cannot.


To grant access to a report, click the Access tab on the Report page, and select one of the following options:

  • All Extranet Viewers can see this report – Choose this option if all DatStat Extranet users with appropriate privileges should be able to view this report. This does not mean that every DatStat Extranet user will be able to see the report. It means that every DatStat Extranet user who has access to this report’s parent project will be able to view the report. E.g. If this report is in Project X, then anyone who is allowed to view data in Project X will be able to see the report. Those who are allowed to view data in other projects, but not in Project X will not be able to see the report.
  • Only the designated Extranet Viewers below can see this report – By choosing this option, it is possible to select which individual users will be allowed to see the report. In some cases, it’s easier to check all of the users by checking the box next to Report User Name, and then uncheck the few names to exclude.