Editing General Report Properties

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The General properties of a report include its name, description and parent project. To edit general report properties, click the General tab on the report page. Type the name and description, and choose a parent project, then click the Save button.


Name and Description

The name and description both appear in the DatStat Extranet. Because the DatStat Extranet may include a large number of reports, it’s helpful to choose a descriptive name and to provide a description with enough detail to distinguish the report from others.

Parent Project

Choosing a parent project determines where a Data Manager user needs to go to find the report. For example,choosing System as the parent project, the report will appear under the Reports tab of the System project. Choosing Project X as the parent project, the report will appear under the Reports tab of Project X.


More importantly, the parent project determines who will be able to view the report in the DatStat Extranet. By default, DatStat Extranet users are allowed to view any reports inside of the projects to which they have access, and are not allowed to view reports inside of projects to which they do not have access.


Consider this situation for example: there are two projects, one called “HR Surveys,” and one called “Customer Surveys.” Everyone working in Human Resources has access only to the “HR Surveys” project, while everyone in marketing has access only to the “Customer Surveys” project.


A report is created on the results of an HR survey, and put into the “Customer Surveys” project. In the DatStat Extranet, no one working in Human Resources can see the report, but everyone working in marketing can.


This is clearly not what is desired! Be sure to select the right parent project for the report! In most cases, the report should be in the same project as the survey whose results it displays.


Also note it is possible to specifically grant or deny report access to individual users.