Illume Next survey sessions taken offline store a file on the tablet of the RDC user.  By default, this storage location is in the user’s C drive folder on the device.  If multiple users are to use the same tablet, then this storage location should be edited to be a storage location to which all windows users have access.  This storage location is edited by going to the Edit menu/ Storage location.

If any virus software is installed on the tablet, that software should be configured to NOT scan the aforementioned storage folder, so as to prevent that virus software from “holding” a file during scanning while the Illume application needs to access it.

Downloading the RDC Software

  1. The RDC software must be put on any device on which you want to collect offline data. It is software that must be obtained from your DatStat system, installed, and then configured in a particular way so that it can connect to the DatStat server.  This process must be done on all new devices on which you are installing RDC.  This process need not occur a subsequent time unless an upgrade is conducted on your server due to a change in the remote data collection feature set.   See the section below on RDC Maintenance which further discusses this issue.
  1. Using RDC requires being a User in the DatStat system. A User with the Administrator role will need to create you as a user.
  1. Another method for getting access to and installing the Illume RDC software is to have one user download the .msi file that is the Client Install file, and distributing this file to anyone who needs to install Illume. Doing this bypasses steps 4-6 below.
  1. Log into the DatStat gateway
  1. Click on the Download Survey Manager link from the navigation menu in the top right corner.
  1. This will download an .msi, or Installer application. Run the Installer (discard any warnings about running dangerous or unfamiliar software)
  1. Once the installation is complete, you will have an Illume Next DatStat Survey Manager icon on your desktop.


  1. Double click on the DatStat Survey Manager icon. The application will open to a logon window.


  1. Click Options


  1. Click New
  1. For Connection Name you can enter any label you prefer, such as “DatStat”.  For the Service Location, you must put the “DesignerService” URL for your install
  1. You may now log in with your Illume User Name and Password. Your Administrator will create your username and password.  Typically the username will be the prefix of your email address.  The initial password will be communicated to you by your Administrator, and when you first log in Illume will ask you to reset your password.