RDC: Synchronize Surveys

Whenever you complete a survey in RDC, the information is stored on your computer. In order to get the data to the database on the server, you will need to synchronize your surveys.

Synchronizing performs the following actions:

  • Uploads any survey sessions collected to the server – this includes partially completed survey sessions and fully submitted sessions.
  • Downloads any survey design changes that have been published since the last time synchronization (see section above on Resuming After Survey Changes)
  • Downloads updates to associated participant lists used for remote data collection with this survey.

Synchronizing should occur before going out into the field to collect data (to ensure the device has the most recent survey version, submission statuses, and participant information), and after data collection once you’ve returned from the field.

Note:  While an interview with a Participant remains in an unsubmitted state (i.e. partial or in progress), the data still reside in a file on your local device.  In contrast, once you have fully submitted a survey, synchronizing your data PERMANENTLY removes it from the device on which it was collected.  This is an important security measure built into the remote data collection module.

You can synchronize after one interview or after many interviews – there are no restrictions on how many interviews you can do before you synchronize.  Keep in mind, however, that until you synchronize, all of the data are being stored on that local computer.  Only one survey can be synchronized at a time.

  1. Open Illume in a place where you have internet access and log in using your username and password.
  1. Select the survey you wish to synchronize.
  1. Press the “Synchronize” button. All of the data, whether fully complete or in a partial state, will be uploaded to the server and immediately available for access and query in the Data Manager