RDC: RDC After Upgrade

On a periodic basis DatStat releases an update to the Illume software.  In most cases, these updates do not affect RDC, and thus there is no action you need to take.  Occasionally, however, bugs are fixed or new features are added.  When this occurs, your server will be upgraded to this new version.  When your server gets upgraded to a new version, you must also upgrade your RDC device so that your device version matches the server version.  To do so, simply follow the steps above to obtain the Client Install for the most recent version.

To be notified of Illume product releases, you may sign up for notifications on the Release Notes page for Illume by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Whenever a release occurs, the release notes will be available on the DatStat Academy and an email will be sent to those subscribed to release updates notifying them of the new release. Release notes describe the changes in the current version from the prior version.  There is a section in the Release Notes for RDC when changes are made to the RDC module.  If RDC is not listed, then there is no need to download a new RDC device.  It is extremely rare for changes to be made to RDC, so it is likely that this will only need to occur once in a year.