RDC: In Discovery Studies

Offline surveys in the context of a Discovery study operate in the same way as web surveys when it comes to access to those surveys for data collection.  Like web surveys, an RDC survey will become available for Data Collection if:

  1. The survey has been added to the Participant’s Study Tasks by the workflow
  2. The survey has an open status code (i.e. a status of either pending, interim or suspended type)
  3. Today is on or past the Schedule Date for the survey

Adding Discovery Study Surveys to RDC Device:

  1. The user be connected to the internet and logged into the DatStat Illume Survey Manager
  2. If the User has more Roles within the DatStat Illume Survey Manager they must click on the Remote Data Collection Tab


  1. Click the Add Survey… button or right-click anywhere in the Survey list and Choose Add survey… from the context menu


  1. The Get Survey for Remote Data Collection window will open


  1. Select a Survey or multiple Surveys by holding the CTRL key and selecting multiple surveys at one time
  1. Click the Finish > button

NOTE: There will be no prompt for a participant list as there is only one list associated to the study.

Adding Surveys with Multiple Studies and/or Illume only Surveys

When users have access to multiple Discovery Studies, the Get Survey for Remote Data Collection window will change.

  1. There will be a Drop-Down to select the Study
  2. The first Surveys that will show are from Illume only


After selecting surveys from different studies and/or stand alone surveys, the Surveys window will show the following information: