Sharing a Query

Sharing a query makes it available to others. Anyone who has privileges to view the data in the survey that underlies the shared query will be able to see and execute the query once shared. In addition, they may modify the shared query and save it as their own. Other users’ modifications will not affect the original queries. Users cannot change any attributes of any queries they did not create.

Sharing and Un-sharing Queries

To share a query:

  1. Go to the Query Properties dialog. There are two ways to reach this:
    • From the Survey page, click the Queries tab, then click the Properties link next to the query you want to share.
    • From the Query page, click the Query tab, then click the Properties button.
  2. Check the box next to Share to share the query. Uncheck the box to stop sharing.
  3. Click Continue to save the change.


When a query is shared, it will appear in the Queries list of other users who are allowed to view data from the underlying survey. The creators name will appear as the owner.

In addition, shared queries appear with the small arrow icon in the slide-out navigation tree on the left side of each Data Manager page.