Results Header

Each view of the query results includes a header describing how the results were filtered.


  • Drill Down – Drill downs are filters added by clicking on one of the counts on the Summary Results page, or by clicking on a count or a bar in the Bar Graphs page. Those clicks drill down into narrower subsets of the data returned by the original query. Remove a drill down filter by clicking the Remove link to the right of the filter description.
  • Time Periods – If Time Periods appear in the results header, the results are limited to the associated time periods. If the results header shows no time period restrictions, then the results include all time periods. Remove Time Period limits by editing the query on the Query Edit page.
  • Filters – These filters were defined on the Query Edit page as part of the query. To remove them, click the Query tab and click the Remove link next to the filter description on the Query Edit page.
  • Sort Columns ¬†– These describe the sort criteria defined in the query. Sort criteria apply only to raw results, not summary results.


In addition, the “Results Include” note on the right side of the Results Header shows which data are included in the results. Data may include any or all of the following:

  • Completed Surveys – These are surveys that have been completed and submitted with the submit button.
  • Terminated Surveys – These are surveys that contained a Jump Object that ended the survey based on JumpIf logic. ¬†These are submitted surveys that usually result from an ineligible participant.
  • Partial Submissions – These are surveys that have not been completed. The participant has supplied some answers, but has not clicked the submit button to submit the completed survey.
  • Test Data – (not shown in this example) Test data include data submitted by users who have been marked as testers and data that have been automatically generated through the Data Manager’s Random Test Data feature. Test data were not submitted by normal (non-tester) participants. If the “Results Include” note says that Test Data are included, then all of the data in the results you are looking at are test data.