Bar Graph Results

Bar Graph results represent response counts in a visual format. To view Bar Graph results, click the Bar Graphs tab on the Results page after the query is run.


Drill Down Filters

Click on any bar or underlined response count (to the right of each bar) to create a Drill Down filter. The page will refresh to show only those submissions that match the filter.


For example, if the results show 800 participants whose age is 18-21, and you click on the number 800, the page will refresh to show statistics from only those 800 participants aged 18-21.


More drill down filters can be added by clicking on other bars or counts.


The drill down filters currently in effect appear at the top of the results page. Click Remove next to any filter to remove it. Removing a filter expands the number of results.


After adding or removing filters, the filters can be saved as part of the query by clicking the Save button at the top of the page. The query can also be saved, with filters, as a new query by clicking Save As.


When the filters are saved as part of the query, Illume will apply the filters automatically the next time the query is run.