Suspending a Published Survey

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To suspend a survey means to make a running survey unavailable to participants. Nothing about the survey changes, other than its availability to participants. You must be an Administrator or Publisher to suspend a running survey.

The Suspend option will be enabled in the context menu only when the survey has been published and has been started (i.e. is currently running and available to participants.

To suspend a running survey:

  1. In the Survey Administration tab of the DatStat Illume Survey Manager, right click on the name of the published survey to suspend.

6.5 - DatStat Illume Survey Manager - Survey Administration - Publishing - Suspending a Published Survey

  1. Choose Suspend from the context menu.
  1. (Optional) Add comments. These comments become part of the survey history.
  1. Click OK.

A suspended survey can be resumed at any time. See Resuming a Suspended Survey.