Resuming Partial Survey Sessions

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As a participant moves from page to page with the Next button, all data from the page are automatically saved and sent to the server, providing the ability for participants to resume their survey sessions right where they left off.  Alternatively, an optional Save button can be added to each page, making the save of data more explicit to the participant.  When a participant returns to a saved, partially completed survey, the participant first lands on the Resume/Restore page (configured in the Illume Survey Designer under Preferences).

If a survey participant resumes a survey that was started in one version, and the survey increased in version number prior to resuming the survey session, the participant will resume the survey in the new version, and will be able to resume the survey right where they left off  if “major” changes were NOT made. If “major” changes were made the survey participant will start over from the beginning of the survey.  Any responses previously entered will be retained, but the participant will have to page forward through those responses to reach the page on which they left the survey.

The following ARE considered major changes:

  • Adding or moving ANY survey object
  • Changing survey logic (ie Show-If statements) on all objects except End Page Content and Survey Redirects, including setting an item to “never shown”

The following are NOT considered major changes:

  • Correcting text errors or wording/content changes anywhere in the survey
  • Adding a new language to a survey
  • Changing show-if logic on End Page Content or Survey Redirects